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Patrick Doyle • 9 months ago

What is the old adage it is good to talk, but it appears when it involves talking to the TSSA union in regard to TUI employees the Managing Director of the said company is not interested in talking to them. As TUI employees enjoy full union recognition in Germany morally he is on thin ice, are UK employees to be treated as second
class citizens? We saw with the Thomas Cook nightmare how the directors are perceived in the country. This is not the right time for the management of TUI to appear aloof. In Germany employers and unions in the main work closely together for the good of the company it can be a win win situation if you get it right.

Paulie • 9 months ago

Union membership in Germany is a Mandatory Legal requirement, so not really the fair comparison you make out. There is nothing second class about not being forced to pay for union membership, for the very same union that are only actually bothered about their revenue stream now that all the TC staff are out of a job because they did such a pathetic job in keeping them employed.

Your point about Unions in Germany is correct, its called a workers council. Its a left-over theory from after the war where all workers are members of a council where they get to inform the business, its exactly the same principle as an annual workers survey or holding consultations on pay reforms etc. The two countries and their systems are not comparable at all

steve kane • 9 months ago

TUI will do anything in the UK & Ireland to stop its shop staff from joining the union. Not so with the GERMAN side the staff in Germany would NOT stand for it nor would the German Government. Come on Mr Flintham what are you worried about ??

Paulie • 9 months ago

Steve, as ever talking complete uninformed rubbish! there is a difference between not recognising a Union and saying no. TUI are saying they don't recognise a Union as they do not consider there to be a need for one. Which is pretty much the exact same stance as every other Retailer on the High Street.

Your comparison to TUI Germany is completely flawed and frankly I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you. Your challenge to Mr Flintham would be more considered if you actually had a part to play in this, which you don't. Especially considering that you only ever fly with Jet2 as you keep reminding us all.