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Hash • 1 month ago

I would like to bet that all goes quiet later in a few years, truth will emerge and I would like to further bet if a tracking is put on all the Directors, investigations mandatory enforced! This has been going on for about 5 years now,The Auditors who charge extortionately expensive fees ought be prosecuted, struck off their qualifications, blacklisted, imprisoned,setting an example for future businesses to be managed appropriately.

james friell • 1 month ago

Just get on with it your not the first people to get made redundant.

J Kimmance • 1 month ago

There definitely needs to be an enquiry. Answers should be given as to WHY top bosses were given mega bonuses when the company was going under & WHY the dedicated staff were forced out of their jobs? Thomas Cook was a much loved holiday company. They provided a top class service. They were the pride of the sky & we all want answers!

Patrick Doyle • 1 month ago

Heart breaking to see the ex Thomas Cook staff protesting outside Parliament wanting answers from the government. The only answers they have got is the Conservative government washed it’s hands Pontius Pilate like, as if to say nothing to do with me. It was a crying shame they did not do a full analysis of the company to see if the profitable parts of it could be saved. We know it is not the governments job to put tax payers money into failing companies, but there was a deal on the table to turn the company round, but alas the government preoccupied with Brexit could not be bothered to look at it in any great depth. If they had looked at it with a forensic eye and come to the same conclusion fair enough, but that appears not to be the case.