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Paulie • 1 year ago

Nobody was 'abandoned' by the Government. Businesses failing is something that happens on a weekly basis in the UK - there is a very straight forward process that deals with it and protections in place to issue cash to those who need it as quickly as possible.

The EXACT same process and outcome is afforded to anybody from any business that fails, its in place here and is being used to pay out. There is another process which means that the company will be investigated and reports on its actions recorded with any potential legal consequences documented.

I have soooo much sympathy for all the TC staff who are caught up in this mess, but they are doing nothing but muddy the waters here and will quickly loose all public sympathy if they keep trying to insist that they should have been treated any differently than any other employee who has found themselves in the same situation over the years.

there is no real story here, there is alot of anger and of course that can make it look like there is a genuine story - but in real terms, there isn't.