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ExPat • 11 hours ago

How can a Company like Thomas Cook go bust? A Household name. A pillar of the Travel Industry.The breathtaking mismanagement by people who not only did not understand todays Travel Business and appeared to have no love for the Company and all that it stood for either, was intolerable to behold.
The responsible people must be held accountable for this shambles.
But whatever is done, it will never bring Thomas Cook back.
The old WW1 saying springs to mind "Lions led by Donkeys".

Trevor Davis • 2 months ago

An outstanding article - thank you Clive.

As an ‘industry veteran’ myself it breaks my heart to think how such amazing businesses (Thomas Cook and The Co-operative Travel) were ‘used and abused’ for the satisfaction, greed and ego-boosting pleasure of corporate shareholders and a handful of overpaid and very under qualified individuals.

The staff deserve better - so much better and, from someone who has experienced corporate failure myself (ILG Travel 1991), please trust in yourselves .... those who want to succeed will!

Gary Ash • 2 months ago

Where were the CAA when all this terrible mismanagement was taking place.Surely they must have seen the disaster appearing on the horizon.