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steve kane • 1 year ago

Thats right Mr Tanzer go on your jolly spend ABTAs money and to hell with all those poor Employees and CUSTOMERS who have lost so much. But as long as you and your pupeteers can enjoy Tokyo thats ok is it not??

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Mr. Kane.

1) ABTA is paid for by it's members, NOT you Mr. Kane.

2) Ex ThomasCook employee's are legally protected for the loss of wages for Sept and any missing holiday pay, notice period, etc, by the Gvmt. They will ALL get their legal entitlement, paid for by Taxpayer's money.

3) Puppeteer's ? (i have spelt it correctly). Really ? Who is manipulating ABTA ? Do you even understand the meaning of the word ?

4) It's perfectly fine for the convention to proceed.

Patrick Doyle • 1 year ago

O dear Steve have to disagree, to cancel the ABTA convention at this late stage would cost a fortune, not to mention all the inconvenience to the airlines, hotels, speakers, sponsors, consortium's, and so on. I am sure the Thomas Cook failure will be front and centrer during the convention and what better place to discuss it when all the great and the good of the travel world are there to see what lessons can be learned.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Steve can't help himself.