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steve kane • 1 year ago

If the CAA should have spotted the holes in the acounts why are they not being brought to book. And it is the CEOs that are to blame all of them .Because at the end of the day every one of the former CEOs are back or will be back in Employment and they will not give a hoot about this once very good company .Shame on those board members who took tthe money and bled the company dry.

philip • 1 year ago

Surely the points are being missed here?
Cook with its debt pile and black hole should never of been a FTSE 250 company
it has CARRIED this hole for many years yet this CEO over saw the company actually pay out dividends to share holders when it would of been served better paying down debt.
To say he would of done nothing different is arrogance or being in some sort of denial which i do not know and do not know the character of the individual.
All the CEOs and Board since the My Travel deal should be under review as they have been woeful with their strategy and potentially broken Corporate Governance in the way they have manipulated their share price over the last decade plus years.
This CEO cannot defend the indefensible he was over paid like his counter parts before
and himself made the error in paying out dividends when the company was it appears
The CAA normally review Audited accounts with a fine tooth comb , so why did this huge
black hole not ring alarm bells with them unless the Accounts were not represented correctly
by the Auditors to them?
Many Many Questions but not MANNY Answers!

Rosiemay • 1 year ago

I agree completely with you! Well said x