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Speakthetruth • 1 year ago

Given that both RBS and Lloyds Bank are UK Government owned, it would be wise and prudent that the Secretary of State for Transport (Grant Schapps) and the Secretary of State for Business and Industry (Andrea Leadsom) get involved and ask these two banks to back off. Thomas Cook cannot leave this matter in the lap of the Gods of Olympus.

Concerned Agent • 1 year ago

This is the same RBOS & Lloyds who were bailed out by the taxpayer?

Peter • 1 year ago

It most certainly is not, suggest you comment when you know a single iota of what you are talking about. Ah, understood you are an agent.

Concerned Agent • 1 year ago

I am a concerned agent owner who does a lot and has a lot of forward bookings with Thomas Cook, I am a concerned agent who knows a lot of good people who work for TC and find themselves in this position through no fault of their own., I am a concerned agent who worries what would happen to the trade I have loved and worked in for nearly thirty years and what the ramifications, I am also a concerned agent who does know what he talking about unlike pompous keyboard warriors like you who sit typing snide remarks.

The comment is meant as a dig at the banks who were well and truly looked after during the crash that was largely caused by the banking industry. So before you make snide remarks from behind your keyboard have a word with yourself.

PeterM • 1 year ago

Understand the reasons and politics for the totally unrelated assignations - totally beyond normal day to day banking and your simplicity. Where is Branson now ?

howardrd • 1 year ago

and no independent travel agent would expect to be bailed out by banks funded by taxpayers money! When will the arrogance of Cooks end?
Cooks in in the mire , and not for the first time, through its own poor management. It does not deserve to be treated as a special case .. yet again.

Guest • 1 year ago
howardrd • 1 year ago

Point well made.. possibly a consideration that, sadly, is not high on Cook's concerns right now. With this being the second time they have teetered on the edge I am sure that both the trade and consumers will be cautious in any dealings going forward. That, of course, does not bode well either for Cooks who could well struggle to gain trust should they survive this. With Cooks taking away price matching for agents this should have, unintentionally, reduced the exposure to many independents.