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Julie drewls • 1 year ago

If the committee confirms TC is technically insolvent then the C.A.A. must with immediate effect CANCEL their ATOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avictim • 1 year ago

There is nothing like stating the obvious!

Hopefully the delay is positive for the staff in that there is a desire to do a deal as opposed to squeezing another weeks operation but the business is in ICU and we will have to see the result next week....

Whoever the bright spark is in Cook who thought that the marketing of the Airline and the subsequent vendors DD would pass any impairment test should be called out along with previous Management starting from Nigel Hards and John Donaldson through to the current incumbent they have all been out of their depths and basically not fit for purpose.-They have all made terrible errors yet enjoyed huge salaries and bonus deals on false share pricing..

Had the current CEO left the Airline alone and worked quietly with FOSUN
on a rescue deal as opposed to sanctioning a vendors DD on Airline that has forced the write off and all the troubles they have now...would never of happened.
he is a stupid guy for sure

They should of left the bodies in the ground...The big 4 Auditors are interested only in themselves and preserving fees etc...its a shocking situation but the big four be it Deloitte -PWC -EY or KPMG cannot lose as one of them will deal with the future re structuring or the closing down of business and charge tonnes of money to do it...

Who signed off the Accounts with this huge hole anyway?

Its a Scandal and very unfair on the hard working crew and staff at Cook

Guest • 1 year ago
Julie drewls • 1 year ago

You did read the news today ?

I had insider knowledge and wanted to give people the information !