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peter sanity • 11 months ago

Travel weekly report on some corn flakes story about cooks a G Adeventure and ignore this story...unless the banks cough up another 100 £ m this company will have its ATOL revoked
in 2 weeks time...um what is the headline story ?
Censorship and being puppets to the big guys will make Travel Weekly irrelevant you must report on the real stories...

Confused • 11 months ago

How is this story being ignored?

peter sanity • 11 months ago

Why is this not a top story?
It seems to of been suppressed and surely is censorship journalism by Travel Weekly?
How can they get this so wrong 100 m £ is not 2 and sixpence
I feel for the staff and want them all to have jobs but this business is shot and if i were a Bank i would cut my losses as they are getting nothing and now FOSUN / Management are taking the rise plus out of them....

This business is not for turning i am afraid

howardrd • 11 months ago

What a mess! It infuriated me to see the Cook's lavish advertising at the previous Test match. When a company is so deep in the mire as they are surely it is prudent to reduce expenditure not throw money you haven't got trying to promote a brand that is totally lacking public confidence. Any guesses as to how much (of the money they haven't got) was spent on decorating one end of a cricket ground? Unbelievable!

AlanBowen • 11 months ago

This is not good news, the original plan was to raise £750M, the demand now is 33% higher than intended. This can only mean business is a lot worse than anticipated only a few months ago, which will worry those planning to invest, or that they need better finance advice, which is equally disturbing. If TC were to fail, the damage to consumer confidence in the entire travel industry would be huge, agents who have been packaging using their flights will be hit as would operators who sold the retail arm of TC.

It is in everyone's interests that this is settled once and for all, the CAA will be reluctant to commit to a new ATOL without reassurances that the matter is resolved but if there was to be a failure the financial protection scheme itself could be destroyed, worrying times indeed

Geoff Douse • 11 months ago

The problem that TC are going to have short term is public confidence.

It is national news and will the public book many holidays that are not late bookings until their future is assured ?

The latest comments such as Fosun saying that there are difficulties in the takeover process are hardly reassuring.

Then there is Brexit badly affecting the high street.

TC need to get this deal done quickly to get the potential customers booking and just as importantly reassure their staff that they have a future.

Clarety • 11 months ago

Can this affect the Atol licence renewal at the end of September? Will the CAA give more time for the renewal to give more weeks to sort out the takeover ? I seem to remember they did with Monarch a couple of years ago but might be wrong.

Speakthetruth • 11 months ago

Thomas Cook agreed to pay the Ferryman (Fosun and the Banks). The Ferryman must now keep to its promise and resue the 20,000 staff from a decaying Thomas Cook before the end of September.

Julie drewls • 11 months ago

No. I don't agree with your statement.

The original agreement was 750M, now they want 1BN.

The original agreement has been broken.

Fosun and the banks NEED TO WALK AWAY.

The bank's were to 'forgive' 2BN debt !!!!!!!!!!!

No one is too big !

Ian Cameron • 11 months ago

I`m with Julie on this one. TC cannot keep doing the Oliver Twist routine asking for more. If they do go under it will have been self inflicted.