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peter sanity • 1 year ago

BALPA need to take a reality check and lead their members with a torch that works.
BA pilots are excellent and in many cases a product of huge investment by the Airline to train them from the start of their careers..Where is the loyalty?
People seem to have short memories and perhaps prior to striking need to have a re think
and assess how BA has invested in them and continues to do so in the new future talent that now are training to be Pilots..NOT setting a good example to follow!
Surely there is a better way to get your point across to Management before taking the draconian way of protest STRIKING.

We hear the strike is not about pay yet these are the lawful reasons put forward..so what is it about?

BALPA represent most UK Airline Pilots so they have access to Salaries/Pensions and other benefits for all their members that will include reduced costs for Flights and Holidays and other benefits that BA pilots and family enjoy,

BA Pilots remuneration packages are top in UK and much better than Easy/Ryan air /Norwegian etc..and their productivity in terms of hrs operated per Pilot a year much less than any of these Carriers

So they get more money and better packages but do not work as hard as other BALPA members in other Airlines.

BALPA should be advising the Pilots to take a different route and NOT Strike.

It is common sense to know once BA advise passengers of flight cancellations in time
line to avoid any EU261 COMPENSATION the opportunity has passed for negotiation
why would BA Management want to operate hundreds of flights with no passengers?

For intelligent and professional officers of the company (as most pilots are) this action is unforgivable for the customers who pay everyone`s wages and reeks of greed by BALPA
and the BA members.
190- £200 k a year for a captain with allowances etc and all the other perks seems like a great deal to me...and instead of striking the Pilots should be saying thank you.