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steve kane • 1 year ago

Its is no surprise that an Irish court backed an irish Company ????

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

These pilots earn approx Euro 200 per hour.

But that's only for flying.

Traveling to the airport is not paid.

Siting in the cockpit prior to departure is not paid.

Delay's are not paid.

The reality is they are in fact paid less than Euro 100 per hour.

Even I would not get out of bed for less than that !

Citixen • 1 year ago

You're off your rocker, do you think pilots get paid per hour only when flying? They're not shelf stackers. Their salary will be based on their aircraft type and distance flown (short v long haul) perhaps with the ability to subsidise for picking up further shifts for cover. Pilots don't just drive up to an airport, hop on a plane and go. There is flight training, there are pre-flight meetings/planning with crew, standby, moving aircraft from one domestic airport to another etc etc.

And if you're going to wave your grammar wand at Steve Kane then it is Travelling not Traveling and it is Sitting not Siting.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Your wrong.

Ryanair pilot's are only paid when flying.

Check it for yourself !

andre • 1 year ago

Are you Steve incognito... You talk rubbish and know nothing
Your comments on MAX 8 says it all !
Go back to bed and stay there.