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AlanBowen • 10 months ago

You can 'book with confidence' only if you read the booking conditions carefully!

This isn't the first ABTA failure where there was no protection and it won't be the last. The problem is that most bed banks selling overseas accommodation provide no financial protection either and even claim to act as an agent of the hotel, however how many hotels would guarantee bookings if their agent hadn't paid remains to be seen. ABTA felt they had no choice but to allow members choose whether to bond or not, it is certainly legal but is it what agents, and their customers expect?

From a travel agents point of view it looks as though they should assume there is no protection and look to see if they or the customer can arrange protection themselves to avoid a repetition in the future

steve kane • 10 months ago

ABTA is just a pupet of the BIG 4 T/Os they are only interested in profit and NOT the travling public the Malvern thing just proves the point every kind of booking flights or not should be covered so as to fully protect the CUSTOMER

PeterM • 10 months ago

Showing your illiteracy again SK.

steve kane • 10 months ago

Illiteracy or not a lot of people think the same as me regarding ABTA Peter