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James Martin • 1 year ago

A significant lifeline for Thomas Cook, but what fate will the airline have? Personally, I think the airline should be kept as a USP - improve the onboard product and make your journey part of the overall TC experience, not just a way of getting to resort.

Sadly I think a major shrinkage of the retail network is inevitable. People just don't go into travel agents to book holidays anymore. We are, for better or worse, in a "do it online" world.

peter sanity • 1 year ago

Its difficult to see the value in the brand if any part of that brand vanishes as is likely with
retail being wound up on the High street, how any deal is structured is going to see shareholders and lenders taking huge haircuts
The past Management who earned millions in bonuses and share price related incentives
should hang their heads in shame as the company has been in the sorry state it is currently
for many years and further navigated into a perfect storm with the crazy deals that Manny
over viewed none worse than the COOP deal as the high street moves to resemble a
Intensive Care Unit Cook are a major victim of this poor deal, it has been obvious for a decade or more Travel like so many other products would go "online" and thos who embraced this like Ryan Air/Easy have and continue to be successful whilst Cook and Tui to a degree have not grasped the issue and are suffering with high rent costs and low foot fall in the High Street
FOSUN need to save face and like others have invested based on information that appears to of been flawed or even misrepresented which will result i am sure in legal ramifications so is forced into a corner.
if it is felt any fraud has been committed by Directors or Auditors.
The current share price will never recover and will become a penny share as the Group is
broken up.

Nick Cooper • 1 year ago

The balance sheet should have been read by the CAA and investors by dismissing the intangible assets on it many years ago. Companies who expand using cash flow and debt play a risky game (as opposed to using retained profits /and shareholders strengthening your balance sheet). Everyone is a hero if markets rise and your businesses successfully expand, but it all goes downhill very quickly if there is a downturn and you can get caught in a vicious circle. I hate seeing balance sheets that are only positive because of the addition of intangible assets. Try selling an intangible asset in a downturn

Grumpy Old Man • 1 year ago

New management will be the key!

Andrew • 1 year ago

For those saying what about the travel agency business. In the way that TC is organised the stores form part of the operator business and not separate.

Clarety • 1 year ago

Is this a positive outcome as far as the retail stores are concerned ? Not sure what to think ...

Patrick Doyle • 1 year ago

Great news indeed for Thomas Cook, I am sure when everything goes
through the new management will have a root and branch exercise to
make the company more efficient how that will go is in the lap of the
Gods, it may mean retraction in some area’s or expansion in other
area’s after all it is a very strong brand name with a great history.

AlanBowen • 1 year ago

Great news for the tour operation but a stony silence in relation to the travel agency business? Fosun was the only real player for the tour operation, if they had not stepped up, we could be in much more dangerous waters