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David Hasley • 3 months ago

Given SirRB's comments, does this mean that they will be retracting their "demand" for more slots at LHR?

Patrick Doyle • 3 months ago

Taking the politics out of what Richard Branson is saying, since the Brexit nightmare the pound alas has become somewhat a Micky Mouse currency against the Euro and US dollar and as a business man he has to take a pragmatic approach to protect his bottom line in regard to his companies, if that means doing business outside of the UK then so be it, forget all the patriotic flag waving stuff, business is business nationalism does not pay the bills or put food on the table.

Nick Hollands • 3 months ago

Since Richard is thought to be worth something like 4 Billion USD he could afford to underwrite these losses out of his piggy bank at hime. As the country is split more or less 50/50 a second referendum would still leave half of the country upset about the result as we are now. Surely it would be better to man up, get on with it and respect democracy. If we stay in the EU perhaps RB would like to underwrite the future collapse of numerous Euro based economies to save us paying for them.

Steve Smith • 3 months ago

That’s not entirely the point, Nick. If Virgin has to take a £100m per year hit to profits, RB may well be able to get by, but it will also impact many other businesses, many of whom are less secure. That will lead to job losses, investments and pension pots falling and everyone pays - it’s not just a case of telling this billionnaire to “man up”. No deal was not the manifesto of the Brexit campaign during the referendum, so it’s perfectly reasonable to raise awareness of the facts of the current predicament before we talk about respecting democracy.