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Bernadette Kilroy • 1 year ago

I think jet2 should conduct a staff satisfaction survey to see what results they get which would be abysmal. They don't consider these tip rating scores are from the great work of their staff which they totally undervalue

Jonathan Perry • 1 year ago

As someone who works at jet2 I'd disagree. The profit share has been announced today. Around £9.5m to be shared out, and that's to people who don't already receive a bonus element to their pay.
I know cabin crew who came from BA and are better paid and enjoy it more.
Pilots are generally very happy too.
During summer it's hard work with the expansion, but the amount of jobs created has been high .. be interested to know what you base this on

Bernadette Kilroy • 1 year ago

Based on I worked for Jet2 at Manchester ground crew. Nice bonus. Ours was based half on reaching jet2 performance at the airport and personal performance per month and dependant on how many hours worked. The ways and means of management extracting bonus/deducting it for anything from not enough red lipstick on to a customer complaining you'd over charged for a bag, to not doing just the right announcement at Gate was creative to day the least! There are 'focus' chats metered out at every opportunity and the attrition rate has to be seen to be believed. They treat ground crew front of house that appallingly but the get away with it and don't care.