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keith morris • 9 months ago

Virgin should be renamed Delta Airlines UK - It is 49% owned by Delta and 31% by Air France-KLM. It is not a British airline. Why should they be given preference at LHR. Air France dominate Paris, Lufthansa dominate Frankfurt. Other countries would not favour foreign airlines, Even if BA service is currently awful we should not favour foreign airlines.

Dermot • 1 year ago

Why should extra slots be given to Virgin/Delta if they are not given to BA .......Branson seems to think he's a small upstart challenger that is the " peoples favourite " .......things have moved on somewhat I think !

john russell • 9 months ago

BA has the most slots at Heathrow over 50% and occupy the Premium Term 5. NO B ODY ELSE gets such preferential treatment. BA is NOT British, its run from Spain.To top it all BA came 55th out 65 Airlines in customer satisfaction. So I think, based on that result that BA should have LESS slots.Term5 should serve the Top Airlines, such as Singapore/Qata/Emirates etc. Thats the ones people prefer to travel with not BA. Your the one out of touch!

Paul Searle • 1 year ago

Why shouldn't Virgin demand far more slots which will encourage competition and drive down prices? BA should not have a monopoly and this will at least ensure far more parity

Dermot • 1 year ago

I agree that there should be competition . I just object to Branson thinking Virgin should be the beneficiary . Of course he's entitled to ask for more along with everyone else .

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Slots should be allocated at random to any airline that is financially stable and will guarantee services.