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peter sanity • 2 months ago

737 SX8 -9 ETC

S = Safe

After all these issues it will be the Safest Jet in the Air so drop MAX

Lets hope Boeing take on board and they can have this for free.
They need to compensate (if there is a price to do so)families who have lost loved ones as opposed to spending mountains of money with PR/Marketing Agencies..spend on the families who have lost people in these two crashes and then compensate ALL the Airlines who they have affected starting by the smallest who will be choking right now to the largest who can sustain the pain this situation has caused.
We all want to see the Aircraft in the air again but safe.

Philip • 2 months ago

someone needs to do their math on the list pricing
Boeing may well need to file for chapter 11 protection in the US as they will be swamped by Airlines and Lessors claiming damages, some of the Airlines will fail before they get a cent.
This on top of the law suits that will be filled obo of the families who have lot loved ones
Its a tragic story for Boeing and the Industry as a whole.
I agree a re brand is essential too.

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

rename it.

call it something like 'Boeing 738'