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JENNY • 2 months ago

The facebook Selling pages are saturated with

JENNY • 2 months ago

Facebook selling pages are saturated with Inteletravel recruitment adverts asking for people to join them ..they are blatantly an MLM ..recruit, recruit, recruit. Then there are at least 2 of their "reps" banging on about a rep who is on her way to earning 88K a week residual income ! How do they get away with these misleading adverts ? How can Mr Ferrera make these claims ..when it is there for all to see in black and white and far too many tacky emojis and poor spelling, let alone lack of geographical knowledge , we are not stupid

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

The director's of Inteletravel.co.uk are an American (70 years old) and a Brit (62 years old).
The female brit is also a director of two other UK travel companies, pinpoint travel, turnover 14K and a loss of 11K (as of 6th Jan 2019) and ukinbound with a turnover of 581K and assets of 191K (as of 27th Dec 2018).

AlanBowen • 2 months ago

Where is the jealousy, ABTA have said nothing at all and admitted Inteletravel as members? The real issue is where is all the business for 2500 new agents with Inteletravel and the reported 1000 for Not Just Travel? And how do you find them? Google Inteletravel and its own website says "there are no agents in the UK to service your travel arrangements......"

PeterM • 2 months ago

Jealousy should be a crime - just A.B.T.A. - to start with and long overdue. Q) Exactly what on earth do A.B.T.A. actually do - apart from moan. When TUI and Cooks leave - that's it all over no more large G&T's.

Mike newcomb • 2 months ago

Appears ABTA is past its Sell By Date!