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PeterM • 5 months ago

Be under no illusion even for an ''Adonis'' especially a Labour one - we voted to leave so we will leave - no contest. What the last few years has unquestionably proven Is that the Mother of all Parliments needs major surgery with Corbyn a primary candidate.

AlanBowen • 5 months ago

Yes the question above makes no sense. Frankly with Boris at the wheel (possibly of his £350 Million a week extra for the NHS bus) Brexit may come at any cost, both to the country and to the travel industry. Our only hope may be that one of the wheels comes off his bus, possibly once he starts talking, and someone else wins the battle.

David Tarsh • 5 months ago

I'm crossing my fingers we get Rory, as he seems to be the most sensible and realistic.

David Tarsh • 5 months ago

How do you answer the question above because if you agree with Lord Adonis, Brexit won't happen - so is that a yes or a no?!!

Sadly, I fear that even if stalemate prevails and we end up with another referendum, the public will vote for Brexit again and even if there is a small remain majority, Nigel Farage and the Brexit party won't go away.

The best compromise is probably a soft Brexit, little as I like any of the options.

Travel Weekly Administrator • 5 months ago

Fair point, while there are many possible permutations, that's amended to 'Will Brexit happen?'