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Vicki brown • 1 month ago

We leave tomorrow on holiday with this company and know for a fact the hotel we booked is closed due to being sold and will not be open this season. Friends who live in the resort have been to the hotel and confirm its closed. After ringing, emailing on the beach approx 14 times we eventually get a response saying the hotel has just changed its name and we are to still ask the taxi we booked to go there! We arrive at resort in the middle of the night. I emailed requesting a phone call (not paying 13p a minute again and being on hold for 55 minutes) and have had no response, disgusting customer service.

Jeffrey gillen • 1 month ago

Tia heights is on their site it's full off Russians very drunk russians and it's a toilet off a hotel don't book on this web site and this hotel

Jeffrey gillen • 1 month ago

Tia heights is like a prison don't book through on the beach and deco this not this toilet off a hotel

Julie drewls • 1 month ago

A Prison ?

You mean with bars on the windows, locked in your room 23 1/2 hours a day?

no toilet paper ?

Lights off between 8pm and 6am ?
No hot water ?

Rubbish food ?

Erm. No, your sniffing something illegal.

Jeffrey gillen • 1 month ago

Tia heights is on their site as a 5 star hotel DONT BOOK this hotel

Jeffrey gillen • 1 month ago

I would never book with them again I booked Tia heights hotel in Egypt 5star believe me it was never 5 star it was a dump off a hotel remember the name Tia heights in makdia bay don't book this hotel

Julie drewls • 1 month ago

ok, just by repeating yourself a number of times, doesn't make it any more useful.

Richard • 1 month ago

Love Holidays do exactly the same thing

They do it to so people find their websites when searching on google and advise it's often cheaper booking through them rather than one of the so called 'big boys'!

As for Mr Josephides saying we don't want a price war in the industry, well it's been happening for years & years. Many passengers want to go on holiday for the cheapest possible price.

I'd also like him to point out where OTB 'criticise' TUI? If he reads their page, it says "You’ll get the same amazing range of hotels, flights and extras to choose from – but often you'll find these same holidays at cheaper prices."

Competition is good for the industry and never hurts anyone!

Guest • 1 month ago
Julie drewls • 1 month ago

erm no, Alex and Jimmy are still in business.

Baz • 1 month ago

This of course is the same On The Beach that now owns Classic Collection...they will be slagging us agents off under OTB and saying they want to work with us under Classic. I will definitely not be selling them under any brand!

Phil Bloomfield • 1 month ago

Stay classy, OTB!

Peter Jones • 1 month ago

So shady they are just about the only profitable listed business out there. Shame on them for their success

Maz • 1 month ago

This has always happened to some degree or another. The "shady" just refers to OTB's management really.

Julie drewls • 3 weeks ago

your 'claim' of shady dealings by the management is without justification unless you can spill the dirt.
if not, keep your lucid thoughts to yourself.

Maz • 3 weeks ago

Where did I state "shady dealings", and when were promoted to moderator anyway?