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Oscar Catflap • 1 year ago

Yeh scandalous. I was in dispute with them for an atrocious holiday experience in Cuba. Guess I can wave goodbye to any refund or compo. This company behaved very abrasively and didnt care about its customers, once it had their cash in their bank. Hope the Directors didnt come out smelling of roses.

Catherine Earnshaw • 1 year ago

I travel on thursday and only found out tgey had gone out of business as a friend was trying to book something with them and the website had disappeared. I would have gone to travel with no booking! Surely clients should have been contacted. They took everyone's money hut haven't paid for the hotels etc. I've checked with the 2 hotels i was going too and neither have been paid

Jon • 1 year ago

Happy to take another £1200 off me for an upgrade I requested literally a day before they cease trading. It all stinks a bit

TravelBee • 1 year ago

As a former employee at The Holiday Place who still had connections to the people who worked there (many colleagues were friends), no one was told of the company´s plans to cease trading until the day they did, they literally had an hour to pack up their desk and go...very very sad, and utterly shocking as no one saw it coming :(

Becky Richards • 1 year ago

So what happens now for all of us with active bookings in the next few weeks??

Catherine Earnshaw • 1 year ago

No idea, i travel Thursday and the 2 hotels haven't been paid by them amd have no idea about all my transfers or how i can find out

Tracey Farthing • 1 year ago

Only just found out about this was chasing up a compliant about an awful holiday we had in April. Doesn’t loom like we are likely to be compensated now. At least we had our holiday albeit it not a great one.