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Rachel • 9 months ago

Older customers who do not want to use or cannot use the internet will book elsewhere. Simple.

Mike newcomb • 9 months ago

Sad that such a once great Brand has been mismanaged to this. Same for Thomsons

PeterM • 9 months ago

Do you mean TUI.

steve kane • 9 months ago

Last ditch to save it from becomeing anothe Monarch in the next 3 months or less

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Mr. Kane.
Please invest part of your disability allowance on a Spell Checker.

ANOTHER has a R at the end.

Jax • 9 months ago

How pathetic are you! Is this all you have to do all day, tell people how to spell.

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

You need to add a question mark (?) and the end of your sentence to declare it as a question.

Without the question mark, it would suggest you are either Mr. Kane (using yet another fake profile), or simply a goofball.

PeterM • 9 months ago

Nice one Jules - he would never listen to me.

Mike newcomb • 9 months ago


steve kane • 9 months ago

Drewls who cares what you say you sad person if all you can do is troll then god help yooou

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Please refer to me as either Ms. Drewls or Madam.

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Mr/Ms/Mrs/Inf. Kane.

It's You, that's one O not three.

Which part of my fully valid comment was a troll statement ?



PeterF • 8 months ago

I actually now know who Mr Steve Kane is - I also know why he has a beef with the travel industry - I also think he has a cheek to give out business advice to anyone!

Julie drewls • 8 months ago

sorry but I really don't care to know anything about this troll.
his complete lack of knowledge regarding the travel industry and his utter rubbish just proves he is a TROLL.

PeterF • 9 months ago

She is not trolling you. She has routinely tried to assist you with your intellectual short comings and you have been nothing but abusive and rude.

amanda matthews • 9 months ago

What a waste of an amazing brand, maybe they should go back to being a PROPER travel agent, if Independents are thriving without this brand, imagine what could be done with Thomas Cook. Online is already so crowded with many trying to get their businesses into travel agents, this boat has sailed Thomas Cook. Be brave and have a strategy to make more from your retailer and you may just surprise yourselves.

PeterM • 9 months ago

What utter nonsense, retailers are no more than receipt writers and order takers and the lowest payers in commercial history. This is clearly proven by being 95% dependent on a commission by the authoritative - risk taker - supplier and then they have the audacity to ask for credit. The future is bleak - just booked a flight and hotel direct £600 cheaper p.p. on the same aircraft and hotel as offered by the same tour operator.

GDE • 9 months ago

Well thank you PeterM for offending every travel agent.
Evidently with your attitude, I don't think anyone would wish to serve you anyway.