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redbull0307 • 3 months ago

But in reality we are all paying less to fly than before. My parents were regular LTN to ALC passengers in May and October, during the 80's and 90's they tended to pay between 120 and 160 pounds per person return including their "free" luggage of 20kilos and their "free" meal. They complain now that they have to pay extrafor the suitcases (they don't really need to take two 20kilos suitcases, one would be enough in the warm weather months, but they choose to pack the kitchen sink...) but they are still paying the same amount of money as they were almost 30 years ago... I guess the key word now is choice. We have a greater choice of flights, we can choose more ways to travel, hand luggage only and pay less, take 15kilos and pay more, 20kilos and pay a little more... In the 88´s and 90's it was one-size fits all, now it's more tailor-make and pay accordingly - which sort of seems fairer to be honest. Just wish they would charge more for obese passengers spilling into others seats, now that would be a fairer fare!