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steve kane • 4 months ago

A lot of speak but no substance and as long as ABTA makes a profit on its costs on the day NOTHING will change as far as the big 3/4 TOs are concerned they will still promise everything and deliver nothing for those PRM customers.

Julie drewls • 4 months ago


As well as your need for a dictionary, you need a method of understanding the meaning of words you write.

PRM means "Partner relationship management"

A customer is not a Partner but a client / a user / a customer.

The definition of PRM is :-

The general purpose of PRM is to enable vendors to better manage their

partners through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and

procedures for interacting with them.

Gartner reports that PRM solutions have mainly been adopted by
companies in the hardware technology, software technology,
telecommunication, and manufacturing industries.

The PRM application market has expanded significantly in the last
10 years, with vendors offering improved end-to-end and point solutions
for the management of channel sales partners.

Julie drewls • 4 months ago

Mr. Kane.
You moan about Tour Operators.
Why don't you do us all a favor and simply book the flight direct with the airline, the hotel direct and get your mobility scooter to take you to the airport.
Job done

Patrick Doyle • 4 months ago

Ouch, very harsh Steve. The trade has got a lot better down the years. I agree a lot more can be done and a seminar like the one advised is only for the good, it keeps us in the travel business on our toes.