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AlanBowen • 7 months ago

Yesterday, 2000 people saw no Flybe at all. Pilots do not just disappear overnight, the Operations Department must have known that they had reached a serious point following resignations and yet they decided to tell their customers 10 minutes before the phones were switched off on Tuesday evening

Did they really think they could hide and hope Brexit would overtake their story? By 0800 it was clear BBC TV and radio were running with the story 'what is happening' and Flybe wouldn't talk. To compound the damage they then announce potential redundancies and base closures a few hours later, who on earth thought that was a good idea?

Of course there needs to be a major change in strategy, in fact it has needed one for a couple of years, but when you are dying in the public arena, it won't do your forward bookings any good to then stab yourselves though the gut at the same time. Meanwhile, they proudly pumped out emails 24 hours earlier promoting 100,000 seats at less than £25 (21.99 to be precise it seems )including £13 APD. If I were a pilot, I would abandoning them too, and it seems there are already more cancellations from Belfast tomorrow......

Paul Searle • 7 months ago

Frankly who cares who the PR person or people are?

The facts are to stabilise the business tough decisions have to be made and removing the expensive jets is a great option open to them

While it is not in anyway good news for the employees or their families affected it will help keep many more in jobs

I am sure we would rather see a smaller FLYBE operation than none at all