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steve kane • 1 year ago

How about
Trade body Airlines UK seeking the BANNING of booze on Aircraft then it would solve the problem in one foul swoop but we all know that Airlines put profit before staff and customer safety so would not want such a ban being brought in would they??

Paulie • 1 year ago

It's not the Alcohol thats the problem - its the humans that abuse it or abuse others. There is a clear delineation between Alcohol and Alcohol abuse or indeed poor social etiquette. So taking your theory Steve, would you force everybody to take a alcohol test before they could fly, and to what non-imposable standard would you dictate whether somebody could fly or not? To what Mg-BloodStream allowance would you find acceptable? You seem so wise and ethical in this area, so please do educate us.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Banning booze at airports will NEVER stop passengers flying drunk.

People will bring their own to the airport, consume prior to going through passport control and still be drunk.

Cocaine is currently a prohibited drug, but people still pass through airports with it either already in their blood stream, of hidden (for example) in their underwear.

Banning something will never eradicate it.

Take Edinburgh for example, the Cocaine capital of the UK.

Take London, for example, the Knife Crime capital.

both illegal.