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Devils Advocate • 1 year ago

What a motley crew,,,,
I bet the Government is shaking in their sling backs.....
You need the power houses of UK Travel to join forces IAG GROUP RYANAIR TUI COOK EASY JET AND JET 2 These symbolic bodies such as ABTA/AITO ETC have no relevance to where travel is today which is over regulated and over penalized with EU261
etc.. Cook and Tui are German owned so they are wing clipped anyway in the debate and are not British businesses

Sure for corporate reasons i see why Easy and Wizz and Ryanair and before Norwegian
have had to go for different AOCs to protect each end of the spectrum for their shareholders but at what cost ?
It reminds me of the Millennium when millions and millions of £ were spent with consultants telling us for 3 years before how all the digital world will change and Aircraft will fall from the sky etc etc..In fact when 0001 happened year 2000 nothing happened save we all looked at the millions wasted on consultants over the previous three years e because we were all frightened... Brexit will be the same.

Lets stop being afraid and stop blaming Brexit on all our woes.. We will have open Skies as before and enjoy the same regulation of Norway and Iceland who are non EU states

Capacity needs to match demand it is not rocket science and thus Airlines must cut their Aircraft seats..its simple isnt it?

Stop ordering more and more Aircraft and cut your cloth according to market condions
the whole market has been over heating since 2010 with now too many Aircraft / no decent crew available to fly the Aircraft and seat prices in Europe that will bust a dozen more Airlines before October this year

We as an industry are creating our own downfall and nervous market that will effect
ALL markets big or small with this constant hysteria fueled by idiots. in press and TV
that effects booking patterns and consumer spending

i predict a very bad year indeed for UK travel as the Industry should of been ontop of
this when the Country voted to leave the EU not leave it till now to think about those consequences ALL the Qs should of been answered a year plus ago NOT now
and capacities adjusted to take into account the grey market and uncertainty

ALL the big PLCs should of seen this a predicted it in their forecasts

The industry is NOT represented by the right bodies or people its all 1970s philosophy
the world has moved on ... Some of us have not,,,but our customers have.

Keep up or die in this Market that is my advice

Patrick Doyle • 1 year ago

I wish this delegation every luck. I am afraid as the politics is still been played out in the house of commons the clarity they seek will be less than forthcoming. We have to be frank and say whatever colour of political party you support the Government has handled this Brexit issue with total incompetence. The clock is ticking as they
say, and we in the travel world are no wiser of what is going to happen as we were in 2016 after the referendum. When the delegation leave after the discussions with the Government representatives everything sad to say will be as clear as mud.