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Gayle Louise Stephen • 9 months ago

It will be an absolute DISGRACE if any deal, ESPECIALLY an aviation deal, with the EU is EVER agreed & it will be just as much of a disgrace if the European Commission caved in to MEPs & removed the 2018 cap on flight capacity levels. Its ESSENTIAL for us that we have this cap in place so we are given the power to do the same with flight capacity levels of EU airlines. Only a no-deal brexit with no aviation agreement with the EU in place will give us the power to to take back FULL control of our aviation industry & our airports, & the best way forward is to renationalise our airports & return them to government ownership. This means that for the first time in DECADES, we will have the right & power to be able to do the following:
1. Decide for ourselves, without needing prior EU approval, how many landing slots we make available for all non-UK registered airlines. We must make sure slots for EU airlines are reduced & more made available for non-EU airlines which will improve our access to aviation markets around the rest of the world as non-EU countries are likely to reciprocate by making more of their slots available for our airlines.
2. Deny permission for any non-UK airlines to land in the UK under normal circumstances on a temporary basis, without having to seek prior EU approval, if its absolutely necessary such as if that country's government has declared a national emergency due to a natural disaster or it becomes war-torn. Nevertheless all non-UK registered airlines wishing to land at our airports MUST request prior approval from our government before they can operate any planned flight routes & we will have the right to either grant or deny those requests with absolutely NO interference from the EU.