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Nick Hollands • 1 year ago

No-one on the Remain side ever seems to take into account the notion that a second referendum might not overturn the result of the last one. If it doesn't what then? Also, what if it's 52% 48% split to Remain - isn't that just as inconclusive as before? Do we then go for best of three?

David Tarsh • 1 year ago

In the event of a fresh referendum, one has to ask slightly different questions, as things now are not what they were in July 2016.

I'd suggest something along the following lines...

Q1: In the light of what you have learnt about Brexit, since the vote took place for the UK to leave the EU, do you think the UK should still leave?

Q2: If the majority of the public is still in favour of leaving, on what basis should the UK leave, a) with the deal negotiated by the Prime Minister or b) with no deal?

Kane • 1 year ago

The last referendum was bogus as it lined up triple cake, with rainbows and unicorns for all against remain. There needs to be a first referendum with two defined and real options for the public to choose from. We might even need a referendum to agree what the preferred leave option is before that definitive vote. "Leave means leave" means leave means whatever I feel like which is why we are stuck. Nobody knows / agrees what leave means!

David Tarsh • 1 year ago

The best reason for a second referendum is that the promise has turned out to be false. There's no £350m for the NHS; there are no easy trade deals and nobody spotted the problem with the Irish border. Brexit is like a house with a bad survey. In such circumstances, it's absurd to say one is not allowed to change one's mind.

Nick Hollands • 1 year ago

But there IS £350m per week from the NHS as promised in the last budget. The trouble is, with the deal we have negotiated we are also continuing to pay the EU! Perhaps if we showed a more united front as a nation we might have some chance of moving forward.

PeterM • 1 year ago

This can NEVER happen. At the time of the referendum NOBODY had a clue what the implications meant thinking that you could just walk away, a British mentality. However In this democracy (we are not as the majority are those who do NOT vote) the people decided to leave and leave we shall. If you are not happy emigrate.

Paul Boyle • 1 year ago

There was peoples vote they voted Leave !