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Grumpy Old Man • 1 week ago

To be pedantic it was a bonus of seven figures last year.
So the action plan agreed with the UK looks fragile as well as late.
Clueless is harsh but prioritising is getting more difficult keeping investors and lenders on side is leading to quick decisions on fixes that to many seemed flawed
Without the share purchases there was an obvious need for change at the top. The very purchase suggests more of the same leadership and direction. Is it not merely an attempt to sustain a reasonable share price? look at the timing and share price difficulty at the time of the previous purchase
Forget all that and make a fundamental change now. Invesco may find the true cost of a reassuring lunch very expensive

James Marchant • 1 week ago

Thomas Cook are a company with no direction. They have lost touch with reality. They make no profits yet the top dogs continue to earn 6 figure salaries and 6 figure bonuses. Having worked in the travel retail sector for over 20 years it's mind numbing to see this company make the same mistakes again and again. They need their heads banging together and instead of trying to tell the customer what they think they want, they need to listen to what the customer is actually saying and look at what they are doing. The travel industry is ever changing and if cooks don't do something very quickly they will be a company that is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Royal Fan • 1 week ago

They are in a time warp where is the new young blood to reshape this Business and get it out of Jurassic Park?
Putting a plaster over a bleeding archery is not going to save the patient.
Handing the Job to a old hand whose been en bedded somewhere in the Bloated under belly of the Business after being replaced before reeks of desperation.
Where is the talent and young blood this Business is so in need of?
As a Shareholder i am not impressed as it is this makes me feel even more depressed and indicates the CEO is clueless as to what the Business actually needs.

Amazedballs • 1 week ago

They've only got a bleeding archery because the board's got an arrow view of improving the business.

PeterM • 1 week ago

It had to happen.