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Gayle Louise Stephen • 5 months ago

I'm ABSOLUTELY OVERJOYED BEYOND MEASURE to hear that UK-EU flights will likely be grounded. It will be the best thing EVER. It now means we will get the clean brexit the electorate voted for & we will be completely free to sigh brand new bilateral aviation agreements with the countries WE choose instead of having to abide by what the EU orders us to do. It also means we will be able to take back FULL control of our aviation industry, which includes our airports & our airspace. It means we will also regain our constitutional rights to decide who should/should not be allowed to land at our airports, which were cruelly taken away from us when we became party to the EU's open-skies agreement. We MUST also FULLY withdraw our membership of Eurocontrol & any other treaty that protects the continuity of UK-EU flights.

It's time to solely concentrate on getting those new agreements with all the other non-EU countries in place & stopping all UK-EU flights ENTIRELY so our aviation industry will have a much better & much brighter future. Time to look forward to a WONDERFUL brand new era in UK aviation.

Tom • 5 months ago

🤦🏻‍♂️ Have you heard yourself.

Gayle Louise Stephen • 4 months ago

Yes I have & we will remain permanently handcuffed & shackled to the EU if uk-eu flights continue beyond March 2020. This CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed to happen. The EU are using the aviation sector both in the case of a withdrawal agreement & in the immediate aftermath of a no-deal brexit as a weapon to retain control over us, especially when it comes to our international laws & our borders. Also, some non-EU nations like Australia & New Zealand have made it clear in the past , in fact early on during negotiations that they will refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with the EU & have threatened to cut us off from their markets completely, even their proposed new bilateral aviation agreements with us if ANY deal with the EU passes through parliament. This is something we absolutely CANNOT afford to allow to happen as they are our REAL friends & fellow commonwealth nations. We can no longer afford to lose them. Those who have families living in Australia & New Zealand will face having to pay higher air fares for indirect flights to those countries, & those who can't afford to even do that, now risk being cut off from their families & friends who live in Australia & New Zealand altogether as flying is the only way to access those countries. This is unjustifiable & EXTREMELY unfair. There are plenty of other ways to travel to the EU.