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magnus someonesson • 1 year ago

its not rocket science is it?
Iceland is a small rock in the middle of the North Atlantic with a population of c 350 k
of this population over 90 p/c are Icelandic born and bred so little or no VFR traffic.

We punch way above our weight and are good people

Cyprus fails to support a national Airline and its population is over 1 Million and of mixed
originIceland is a hub and spoke operation akin to Emirates but the difference is the offering is East and West coast USA +Canada as location of Island is enroute akin Dubai to all places East.
Norwegian are killing Icelandair and have Wow as the pricing and choice for the consumer withdirect flights is a killing them - How many times do you want to visit Iceland in your life time once or twice probably so there is little attraction to take their offering with direct services. available and at a low cost
Icelandair is a future basket case and they should of let WOW go belly up its just a matter of time before it becomes a victim like Cyprus Airways did with strong unions unsustainable pay packets and crazy staffing levels.... They have survived due old low cost Aircraft (mutton dressed as lamb new interiors wifi etc etc)aged Air frames and Engines that have visited more shops than Philip Greene and are donkeys years old
We have survived only due to a huge sprinkle of luck,

Fuel now is killing us....have you seen the fuel burn on a 757....?

This move should be voted down by the SHs as a folly and let WOW go or it will be the end of Icelandair