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steve kane • 1 year ago

Anna Kofoed is WRONG The goal of any retailer is to MAKE A PROFIT and if she would care to look more closely at Mr Harry Selfridge she and the readers will see that he was ALL about turning a PROFIT and nothing else, And so are all Airlines over 1 billion bottles of water are sold on Aircraft every year at a lowest cost og £1.10 when the same bottle of water can be bought for 29p now i know that there is a cost to get that 29p bottle of water from its source to onboard a Aircraft however that cost does not jump from as little as 10p to buy wholesale and in a large amount from the supplier to at least £1.10. The ssame goes for lets say Perfume you Airline say that you save money by buying onboard the Aircraft and that is simply not true The Fragrance Shop. The Perfume Shop and indeed Amazon All have the same stock at far LOWER prices Airlines around the world are choosing to sell goods onboard Aircraft at far greater cost to its CUSTOMERS than any were else in the retail trade and that is why all Airline sell goods on aircraft TO MAKE A PROFIT and WHAT A PROFIT they make??

Paulie • 1 year ago

Somebody should really teach you about Economics. We don't all camp outside B&M to buy own brand instant coffee