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Ling Valentine • 11 months ago

For some reason, my first comment didn't appear. Ben has done a hatchet job on me with the "plane crashes" bit. If a plane crashes it will be accidental and beyond my control. Although as one customer has said to me: " If I ever die in a plane crash, I want it to be a LingsWings plane crash." ... which is a ringing endorsement. But seriously, I want to make it clear that I DON'T WANT PLANES TO CRASH. Bloody journalists! Try writing this stuff on a Saudi Travel Weekly website, Ben, see what happens :) - Ling

Ben Ireland • 11 months ago

Hi Ling,
Thanks for your comment, but of course I never said you want planes to crash - I wrote, like you told me in our interview, that you were planning on playing videos of plane crashes in the background. A bit like the video you sent me: goo.gl/Yj1Aro

Ling Valentine • 11 months ago

Ben, ah.... errr, ummm... I shortened that video. YES! That's right! You are *PRESUMING* that plane crashed! WRONG! On the long video version (now unfortunately deleted), the jetliner just manages to pull up, then does 3 barrel rolls and a loop and avoids a Messerschmidt 109 before landing perfectly normally on 21L. - Ling

Patrick Doyle • 11 months ago

Welcome to the world of travel Ling, you will find it will be a lot different from selling cars. One tip for you keep up with current affairs, countries keep moving goal posts about visa requirements, health advice, terror alerts, and so on. Good luck on your new adventure.

Ling Valentine • 11 months ago

Ta Patrick!... But I'm less interested in the technical shite. eg: I know China are screwing around with fingerprints at the moment for example. They want the whole World on a database. People inside China are equally screwed around with ID cards for everything, even to get a 10RMB bus smart-card. - But if customers get thrown out at an immigration desk, or get a night in the cells: hey!... they will have had a nice plane ride anyway, so can stop moaning. They will have enjoyed the free Chicken or Beef meal. And it will be a great story to laugh about down the pub for years afterwards. - Ling

Ling Valentine • 11 months ago

A further point, Ben, after re-reading.... I won't have a "call-centre". My car business is entirely web-based, and I will duplicate this for travel. Customers love a fully transcribed, fun, easy system, with lots of rewards for good behaviour... and I give them that. I don't spend all day on phones.

Everyone said I couldn't manage it with new cars, that you needed face-to-face or phone calls to sell new cars, but that's just not true. Same with travel and holidays. My industry leading LINGO system (self built) has won awards and customers love it. It prevents any "he said/she said" disputes and runs rings around phone-based operations, as customers retain a full transcript.

So, "call-centre" = NO. I prefer "Web-Circus". Heh.

- Ling :)

Ling Valentine • 11 months ago

Well, hi! I am Ling. Thanks, Ben Ireland. Let's be clear, Ben is carried away a bit. I won't focus on plane crashes, but I do like to entertain customers and if an odd plane crashes, then it will crash in an entertaining way. Customers love my new car website http://www.lingscars.com, and I hope to delight people with LINGsWINGS. It's not all beaches and palm trees... customers like a bit of grit, and a laugh. I'll be live at the end of November, so watch out!

Here is a pre-launch promo vid I am using, where is the crash, Ben? No one dies in my videos. I am utterly professional, but FUN is happening, and FUN can't be stopped. Customers are adults, I treat them like adults not idiots... https://images.lingscars.co... - Ling