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PeterM • 1 year ago

Come 1st April - most appropriate - NOTHING WILL CHANGE - inside or outside, the EU establishment needs the UK trade, they know this, we know this. Within the worlds biggest business and employer, OURS, as without tourism most EU economies will simply live in fear of no £sterling transactions.EU National carriers will tremble as they are presently in dire straights. We can be more evil than them, often proven.
The greatest issue never mentioned is exactly were and how will they make up the fiscal deficit of ( suggested) £350m per week.as the poorest members need to survive without our OTT contribution.
If we need to stand alone we will and succeed, we have done it before.We have a Commonwealth with over one thirds of the worlds population and legal system envied all over the world with a democracy,The Mother of all Parliments.
Fear not the oracle has spoken, take need.

Paul Sawbridge • 1 year ago

I completely agree David. On the one hand we have a set of EU systems which are extremely inflexible and are used to taking up to 7 years to reach a conclusion. On the other hand we have a group of UK government ministers who could not negotiate their way out of an open door. What could possibly go wrong? Just because something is in the interests of both parties does not mean it will happen - as any experienced negotiator can confirm.

David Tarsh • 1 year ago

Whilst I agree that too much is at stake. I am extremely nervous of that argument because it sounds too much like the empty confidence of the hard-line Brexiteers, who have been saying all along that the EU will give Britain the deal it wants because it is in the EU's interests to do so.