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Patrick Doyle • 2 years ago

ABTA is quite right to point out the worst case scenario and put peoples mind at rest that they will not lose money because of Brexit. It is inconceivable that holidays will not go ahead as normal, we live in crazy times but not that crazy.

Gayle Louise Stephen • 2 years ago

"It is inconceivable that holidays will not go ahead as normal."

Unfortunately, the EU have said otherwise so expect all UK-EU flights to be grounded & holidays to be cancelled in the event of a no-deal brexit, especially as they have now decided to scrap their bare-bones aviation deal they initially promised back in January.

steve kane • 2 years ago

Anyone who books and pays for a package holiday through a UK travel
company will receive a full refund for that holiday if it cannot be
provided due to Brexit.

“As Brexit is a situation which is beyond the control of travel companies, customers will not be entitled to compensation.

Am i thick or what first ABTA say you can have a refund then abta says no you cannot.

Its sounds like ABTA are giveing its MEMBERS another getout condition to help them NOT PAY CONPENSATION why dont they just come out and say Once you have paid your money thats it you cant have it back no matter what the reason???

Paulie • 1 year ago

In answer to your question, yes you are "thick"! This is not me being a Troll, you asked a question - I answered honestly.

Julie drewls • 2 years ago

Oh dear.
Mr. Kane is at it again.
Stevie, learn to read, read and re-read before you post.
Are you thick ? hmmm. 85%

Peter E • 2 years ago

"Am i thick or what ..." YES!!! Refund is for a service not provided, Compensation is consequential losses suffered!