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DaveGGW • 1 year ago

I've got no sympathy with BA because they bought this on themselves. For years the current IAG management has been cutting investment to reduce overheads, boost paper profits and keep the shareholders happy. Now, as many people have been predicting it would, that's turned round and bitten them.

I used to regularly fly to the Caribbean on a BA route that was serviced by their elderly B767-300s. To save money they extended the retirement date of these aircraft by over 15 months. By the time they were sent to the boneyard they'd become so unreliable it was a lottery if the flights would be completed without them going 'tech'. When the 767s were eventually replaced rather than the promised Dreamliners we got equally problematic B777-200s. Thankfully, it's not a journey I need to make any more.

And when you read words of reassurance from Alex Cruz consider this - within months of him leaving Vueling the airline almost folded.

Mike newcomb • 1 year ago

This should be thought through.
In the Computing World, there has long been a saying, 'the higher the Wall built, the longer the Ladder someone will construct'.
Fining Organisations attacked in this manner could be as unfair as charging the Victim(s) of Breaking and Entering Robberies.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

BA knew since at least the 27th Aug that the website was compromised.

This is because I tried on both the 26th and 27th of aug to make a booking on ba web site and when it normally goes to the credit card auth page, it just showed a blank page.

I tried with THREE (3) different cards, all ended up with a blank page.

I rang BA and made the booking over the phone and clearly informed the agent of the issue and the agent confirmed that they have had lots of complaints of the same issue of a blank page.

I cancelled my three cards and my bank has ordered new ones and CHARGED ME £ 25 per card