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Brenda Robinson • 9 months ago

Guess I will never use you to book my travels. Shame on you! Captivity is cruel!! Cetaceans home is the ocean. They can never be happy anywhere but the ocean with their family and friends.

Pauline Hodson • 1 year ago

well Thomas Cook - the world is watching and in 2018 we're educated enough to understand what it means to take a beluga or orca baby from their families and ocean home and PUT IT IN A TANK for the rest of their sad lives to 'entertain' tourists for MONEY MONEY MONEY. We in the world also know its ALL CRUEL and is Not what we want. WHY open more attractions like this when you know most of the world Hates all this Confined Cruelty of these orcas and whales who should be FREE . Go Educate yourselves and Stop being So Greedy. Your Reputation is on the line and the world is watching. Its been watching CHINA for a long time too !