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Abubakarkollere • 2 years ago

Really amazing story of success and about perseverance. If you put your heart into something, doors will open for you.
Proud of you.
Abubakar Kollere

Rob • 2 years ago

Most airlines encourage multinational culture on their planes and make allowances to cater for all cultures and their beliefs whilst it seems Kazi is intent on widening the devidr of British culture with his Sharia compliment (a questionable religious ideal at best).
Whilst the rest of the UK encourages diversity and rallies against discrimination and oppression (#metoo) of women we are once again open to be called racists if we oppose this ideal. I am somewhat preturbed as to why we are appplauding what appears to be the devolvement of diversity and cultural integration and putting religion before people.

David Randall • 2 years ago

I don't agree. This is about widening choice and religious tolerance. It's equivalent to allowing a TV channel for Christian religious fundamentalists. Some groups are inherently factional, but if you are not in that group your choices in choosing this Sharia service are (1) to comply with their rules, or (2) choose another service. Imagine this was a Vegan airline, should they serve meat just to be 'fair' to everybody? What about being fair to animals by not killing them? Similarly, if you believe lust and alcohol are sinful, then they are sinful. You should not on a Sharia airline compromise on those values because they ARE your values and that is what makes Firnas Airways what it is, something new to the market.

Shady • 2 years ago

Maybe you're an islamophobe and don't like that if someone wants to follow an ideal which doesnt bother you then they should be allowed to do so?