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andre • 11 months ago

Totally Agree
why cant a seat be developed whereby you can sit for take off and landing but stand up in flight and stretch your limbs but be secure,,,
Sounds weird but think about it if you can stand on the tube or train why not an Aircraft?
Subj weather conditons

redbull0307 • 11 months ago

Agreed Observer, there was a time when the UK lead the way with innovation and design, now we just slob around behind - BA is becoming the Jeremy Kyle show of the airline industry. I remember being excited that I was going on a BA flight, now it's sometimes the only option so I will with reluctance take that option... how the mighty have fallen.

Observer • 11 months ago

Air travel is still crying out for a breakthrough in economy space & comfort. What's the betting it will be a middle-east carrier who is the innovator?