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Richard Wellenough • 1 year ago

Turning to experts - that's a joke. Take a monitor away from a travel agent - Result - totally lost. Apart from a straight forward seat - transfer - bed, bookable on-line thy are utterly lost. Outside of this the clients itinerary is simply sent to the principal to quote as they do not have a clue what to do and they expect to get paid.

Amy • 1 year ago

I fear you haven’t been to a ‘true’ travel expert Richard. The computer is the last thing I’d use, with an aim first to understand what you are really looking for, and then use my own and my colleagues experiences to build an image of what different travel options could look like, really trying to understand you as a traveller and what you need / like / enjoy on your holiday. I’m sure some people out there aren’t true travel experts in the industry, but it’s unwise to paint us all with one brush, as you really are missing out.

Timothy Parry • 1 year ago