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Katrina Atkinson • 1 year ago

As an ex overseas rep/manager I feel it for the hotelier & the rep. I question how this can be controlled. It’s just another upsell Money making scam. Surely, there are other ‘creative’ ideas of generating income?

steve kane • 1 year ago

Well said Katrina yes a money making scam

PeterF • 1 year ago

As you do not travel with anyone other than Jet2 this is of no concern to you! Simples

steve kane • 1 year ago

Steve Endacott sounds just like the many bosses in the Travel Industry who once they have the CUSTOMERS money don't give a dam about us. Paying to use a sunbed what next swimming pool charges per hour good god man don't you think we CUSTOMERS give you Travel Company's enough money.

PeterF • 1 year ago

Steve, even by your low standards your misrepresentation of facts on this is somewhat breathtaking. It is not to "use" a sunbed but reserve it. Huge difference!

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Mr. Kane.
Tour operators make little profit actually.
Even if there were no charges for Sunbeds, name me 1 hotel that has enough sunbeds around the pool for EVERY Guest.


That right, none.

So, if you want to pay to guarantee a sunbed, fine.

If not, then take your chances, like you've done for the last 55 years.

steve kane • 1 year ago

Only Just seen this from J D (1) Bonaire in Cala Bona (2) Lagotel in Playa de Muro ( 3) Costa Salle Lanzarote shall I go on Mrs,Miss,Ms J D Please don't come up with such comments about Profits that Tour Operators Just look and you WILL see how much the 3 main TOs have made in the 2016/2017 season. Please please admit this is just another money making racket Yes there is a rush for sunbeds but it is not for the bed its self its for the sunny spot round the pool .

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Eix Lagotel does not have 700+ sunbeds around the pool !
Get a grip man

Bored • 1 year ago

Steve, please, give it a rest, absolutley noone cares!

Why don't you get another hobby and enjoy your your Jet2 holidays while leaving us all in peace?

PeterF • 1 year ago

You can bet that the moment some poor person at Jet2 crosses him he will be ranting again about them. He (allegedly) books with them because in his very limited knowledge of the industry thinks they are the cheapest.

Patrick Doyle • 1 year ago

The poor old British holiday maker has to dip into their pockets to pay for a bedroom
tax in a lot of resorts and cities so much per night, cough up for decent Wi-Fi, new kid
on the block now pay for sun beds, what next gratuities for the hotel staff. I am sure the commercial teams of some companies are thinking up some idea's for the next big thing. I will be happy to point them in the right direction, I will refer them to the Master of the house from Les Miserable, now their was a man who had some great idea's to make a sou or two.

Peter from Norris Green • 1 year ago

I just pity the holiday maker - rep and hotel management for this utterly ill conceived idea and like seat back catering it will be a cast from the past very soon. Hotels shared by German and British tourists are many - you try taking a German holiday makers sun bed away from them - Oh brother not worth thinking about.