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Paul Sawbridge • 2 years ago

Essex is wrong on several counts. The main risk of a cliff edge hard Brexit is that there would be virtually no aviation at all for a period; that is why it cannot be allowed to happen - despite what the crazies on the Tory back benches would like. There is nothing of substance to negotiate in respect of the transition - either we accept the EU terms or manage without a transition period. We need a transition to negotiate trade deals otherwise the economic disruption will be very severe. There is still a chance of a second referendum and a change of heart - and it is considerably higher than 2% - although it remains very unlikely. It was always clear that Brexit would damage the economy to a greater or lesser extent but to the true believers in Rees-Mogg's Church of the Immaculate Separation, the decision was never about the economy...

Patrick Doyle • 2 years ago

The civil war in the Tory party is not doing the country any favours in regard to Brexit. As for the Labour party, they are on a watching brief to see how the wind blows. In the meantime business is in a state of flux, investment is held back, company's in the city of London are having to make provisional arrangements about relocating part of there business to the European mainland, and to think we could have another three years of this, Brexit is the most poisonous of chalices.