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Stephen Lewis • 10 months ago

I booked Purple Parking via my AA membership, dropped car at Purple Parking Gatwick on 3rd of Nov and left for Dubai. Didn't hear a thing about the Administration. Got back to Gatwick on 18th Nov headed to prearranged bus stop and a lady in the queue told me about PP going into administration. Obviously panicked at first, bus came 5 mins later and the driver put my mind at ease. 10 mins later collected car within minutes and left with no problems whatsoever.

Christine Miller • 10 months ago

I booked parking at stansted airport on the 2nd - tried to cancel on the 3rd - spent the weekend chasing my tail as holiday extras held my request at arms length - despite speaking with 5 different operators.
Finally talked with someone yesterday who tells me that I have lost my money.
Mathew Pack - how many other people like me lost their money through his “deal”. All legal I appreciate but no moral concern. There was no honouring me or my money then or now.
Oh, sorry. If I had paid by credit card they could carry the can...hmmm...I paid by debit card.

Christine Miller.

Ian • 3 months ago

I have been ripped off by these guys too. I booked on the 24-10-2017. My partner has been taken ill in hospital, and we cannot go. Went to cancel and the numbers given don't exist. Finally got through to somebody and they tell me they were taken over. They will honour the booking, but no refunds, and apply through the charge back scheme banks use. This is no good because it only has a 6 month time limit and it is now 19-06-2018, when I have just found out. So I have lost the money I have paid!

Andy • 10 months ago

This is a real shame, I initially suspected bad management
at the top but Companies House show a very profitable company. I note this was
a pre-pack administration and I can’t say politely what I think of those. Most
likely stuffing the creditors and employees was the most efficient
exit/retirement plan for the owners.

Julie Auger • 10 months ago

I booked Gatwick hotel & purple parking through holiday extras back in Sept for December departure. Will this be honoured? I’ve not had any info to state otherwise

Holiday Extras • 10 months ago

Hi Julie

I can certainly look at this for you. Could you please email your booking reference number to me at customerteam@holidayextras.com and I will check your booking.

Thank you


BishopBenj • 10 months ago

I too have been told to contact my credit card company to obtain a refund - unlikely as the amount I paid is less than £100. There is some offer I was emailed to use a meet and greet company - definitely not what I want to do.

Holiday Extras • 10 months ago


If your booking was under £100 then you can submit a claim for a refund under the charge back scheme. There is information about this scheme in the link below.


I hope this helps


S Perry • 10 months ago

No it is not giving the same service. I received an email stating that they cannot offer a Meet and Greet at the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Wing, in other words I can take my car into the wing but no one will collect it a Purple parking used to do. So I have been told to speak with my card company to obtain a refund. The ironic thing is Virgin Atlantic were not aware of their preferred parking supplier Purple Parking going into administration and in actual fact did not believe me when I told them. They said it would be business as usual until Monday because the department that has the relationship with PP will not be in until then. The call centre agent at Virgin stated that I must have received a spam email advising me of PP demise, even though I told him to Google it. What a twit!!!

Morwenna Richard Lindsay • 10 months ago

Hi, Are you able to email your booking details to sales@holidayextras.com so we can take a look for you.

S Perry • 10 months ago

Hi Morwenna I can do that but we have already been told that we cannot now drive into Virgin Upper Class Wing and someone take our car to park safely which is what Purple Parking used to do.

Colin McKay • 10 months ago

Hi! Did you get any success with this? I'm flying on Monday and it's still unclear. Virgin say that PP are honouring Upper Class Wing drop offs, one person at PP says they aren't...and I didn't receive an email similar to yours!

S Perry • 10 months ago

Hi Collin
The latest is that Maple Manor will be taking your car from Upper Class Wing but they have terrible reports on trust pilot. We are considering having another meet & greet company with better reviews meet us and then we will go though normal Upper Class check in. We will have to fight to get our original payment back through and that's the problem. Hope all goes ok, safe journey and let me know what happens..

Maggie Coles • 9 months ago

We booked parking from 7 to 29 November with PP meet and Greet service some months ago, via APH. On Friday 3 November APH sent me an email to say that the service would now be provided by Maple Manor. I was a bit anxious but everything went smoothly at both drop-off and collection - I have no complaints at all. We have an app that tells us where the car is at any given time, it was driven 7 miles from Heathrow at an average of 23 mph and stayed there for the duration, so I would have no qualms about using them again.

S Perry • 9 months ago

Hi Maggie
Seemed to go OK at Heathrow when we dropped off the car at Upper Class Wing. Had some reservations but Morwenna at Holiday Extras managed to sort them for us. We did call Maple Manor on arrival and we were again told our booking was cancelled but they did eventually manage to reinstate our booking which reassured me as we were 20 minutes from the airport at that time! Hope all goes OK when we get back.. Just wondered about the app, do you have any info on this please?

Colin McKay • 10 months ago

Hi, I'll let you know asap. I have my fingers crossed.

S Perry • 10 months ago

Hi Colin

Hope the flight was OK and your car collected on time. Although someone at Holiday Extras cancelled our booking with Maple Manor (!), Morwenna at Holiday Extras sorted it all out and it was reinstated so we will see what happens when we get there on 28th November.Totally stressed:-)

DebR • 10 months ago

Thanks Holiday Extras for getting things back on track, we have just arrived back at Gatwick, purple parking bus back to car park, car ready and waiting, service as usual!

Holiday Extras • 10 months ago

Hi Deb

Really pleased to hear the service was good for you, thanks for letting us know.

Hope you had a good holiday


Ali • 10 months ago

I work for purple Parking and we have not been paid this week and yesterday told that the company went into administration and no money! Still we are working but there is some problems as the employees Not paid and customers bringing and want to collect their cars.

Colin Hewett • 10 months ago

so, if this is true "we are also focused on ensuring that every customer that had an existing booking with Purple Parking, has their parking arrangements honored", how come I am getting calls (from I love to meet & greet) telling me to go ahead and re-book?