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Garry Burdett • 7 months ago

It is always great to promote from within and develop real talent within the business, well done to Tui and congrats to Chris

steve kane • 7 months ago

Tui Getting ready to sell off the old Thomson Cruise Business ??

James • 7 months ago

Or promoted someone into a role that had been vacated?!

steve kane • 7 months ago

Why the name change. The German Cruise side Retain TUI as the brand. and the same goes for First Choice why not re brand that to TUI

Pete • 7 months ago

Not that it's any of your business Steve. But TUI Cruises is a joint venture with RCI. Who wouldn't allow use of the TUI name outside of that JV agreement.

Steve, everyone who reads any of your sublimely self-serving irritating tosh of an opinion thinks it's just so boring. You know nothing real about the industry that you're so readily available to critique, yet you still do so - to the amazement of anyone who reads your drivel.

Please please take the advice that many others have offered you in these posts in the past and just stop with the commentary. This is supposed to be a trade site, not a customer site. Please just bore off.

steve kane • 7 months ago

Yes Its is a JV with RCI but however is First Choice a Joint Venture also. You and maney others are just P----d off that some one from the other side of the counter (CUSTOMER)) is speaking out on your trade site and any way how do you know 100% that i am not part of your industry just because i am not as articulate as those of you and there are only a few who always make some sort of ridicule (drewls,you ,and some others ) you cannot be certain because you said it ITS A TRADE SITE & a site that cares not a jot about the CUSTOMER

PeterF • 7 months ago


We know your not in our amazing industry because no one who was would speak to people the way that you do. You appear to stalk Julie drewls and even went as far as creating a fake profile to attack her.

You make wide sweeping statements that normally have no basis in fact. You appear to be perpetually angry about something. Myself and others have encouraged you to educate yourself so that you can contribute in an informed and pleasant manner and you refuse to.

So for the sake of your own health perhaps it is time to step away from the keyboard.

Kind Regards