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Clive Prothero • 1 year ago

"Ryanair went ahead with a reduction in the charge for a check-in bag
from €/£35 to €/£25 and the increase in baggage allowance from 15kg to
20kg from September 26".

Incorrect. They may have reduced the price for a 20kg bag but have scrapped the option for a 15kg bag. As the price we paid for a 15kg bag was in the €/£15-€/£18 range then the new minimum check-in bag charge of €/£25 represents a substancial increase.

Mike Molloy • 1 year ago

We are Frequent Flyers and need to get through airports fast, therefore we both use a Ruchsack for cabin locked and small bag each for under seat, which we think is sensible. But we are so many forcing the maximum size in locker with a large 2nd bag. These are surely the ones that have upset the Apple Cart forcing Ryanair to review its rules.

steve kane • 1 year ago

Reasonableness Jimbo O`Leary does not now the meaning of the word he brings in these rules one minute then has to readjust them the next, and can some one please tell me as far as his cash -cow is concerned what does priority boarding, including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus mean to the customer other than paying more money to get to your destination at the same time and on the same Aircraft with the same crew & service as all the other customers who have not paid for these things stupid or what.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Priority boarding GUARANTEE's your hand luggage into the overhead locker.

Ryanair clearly states that hand baggage space is limited.

If you don't want to pay for Priority boarding, you do so knowing that it's highly likely that your hand baggage will go into the hold and you will have to collect it from the baggage hall.

PeterF • 1 year ago

Sorry Steve- If you purchase a service that is not available free of charge you are therefore getting a service that not everyone on the aircraft has. If you purchase priority boarding you get this, if you do not you don't.

Jayne Senior • 1 year ago

I always thought that when a person took 2 bags on board-the smaller bag if required should have to fit in the other larger bag.
I have always adhered to this policy and taken a slim crossbody bag with passports and papers in etc and left a space in my cabin case or rucksack incase I was asked to fit it in.
We flew with Ryanair recently and the number of people that took cabin cases and then a LARGE hold-all as their second bag was numerous.
No wonder Ryanair want more bags in the hold when people abuse the rules-and because of these people we all have to put our cabin cases/rucksacks in the hold.
If you think your cabin case/rucksack can go on board with you-think again.
Ryanair were putting ALL bags (except handbags/manbags) into the hold. I pointed out that my mid sized rucksack wasn't a wheeled bag (as they stated had to go in hold under new policy) and that the new rule hadn't started yet. I also pointed out that as I thought my bag was going on the plane with me it wasn't locked so if anything went missing who's insurance would be responsible?
It wasn't Ryanair's responsibility I was told-and it wouldn't be my insurers as my bag wasn't locked so therefore uninsured.
As I said before if people didn't take advantage (with large 2nd bags) then I'm sure these new rules wouldn't even be brought about.
Rant over!!!

jimbo • 1 year ago

People abuse the rules because Ryanair have spent years charging inflated baggage fees and even more ridiculous penalties for petty non-compliance. The concept of "reasonableness" has gone out of the window in so many aspect of life these days.