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News Collect • 7 months ago

They will have got this stuff from the GDS companies themselves because they are scared witless about losing their business. Why outsource when you can do it all in-house?

Peter • 7 months ago

Where did you get this info from?

It is not true.

And a large proportion of what you may be allocating to this segment relates to meta-search, and they refer customers direct to Ryanair website. They are not travel agents and not incurring GDS segment fee costs.

Also Ryanair is in a strong position to negotiate with GDS providers. So that GDS can get access to Ryanair content, they have done deals with Ryanair at very low segment fee rates (very, very low compared to other airlines) and agents do not get paid a segment fee incentive on any Ryanair segment.

Compare apples with apples please.

Julie drewls • 8 months ago

30%+ of ryanair's business comes from the Travel Trade.

Peter • 8 months ago

What a steaming pile of self-serving horse doo doo.

Whoever did this report has no real idea of the real costs and the incremental costs.

I was senior in a large airline and we looked at the comparison in a very detailed way and also used services of BCG. We wanted to ensure that we measured this accurately and did not delude ourselves.

The difference in the cost of didtribution was enormous in favour of airline's IBE.

Airlines will laugh at this report.

There is a place for travel agents, particularly TMCs and OTAs within an airline's distribution matrix, and the volume of direct bookings varies greatly depending on the structure and type of airline and the routes within their network, just as it does with OTAs versus high street travel agents.

And the cost of indirect distribution is a small percentage on long haul high airfare transactions versus massive on short haul low airfare transactions.

So in summary, the conclusions of the report are rubbish.