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Melanie Chandiram • 1 year ago

Oh dear, my mother and I booked for may this year, back in September17. We paid half the cost. How do I find out if my booking is still in place? And if not whom do I address with this issue?

Little Nel • 1 year ago

Having re booked my lost monarch flight on the 19th October for £369 just received my credit card statement to discover that Broadway travel took an extra £100 (£469) on the 19th October from my credit card having confirmed she was taking £369.20 only and there was no surcharge
. How under hand is that.

Christine Stockwell • 1 year ago

I booked holiday a1 travel cancelled then had e mail saying balance overdue to a company that has ceased trading ha ha ha don't think so

Jackie Hancock • 1 year ago

Sorry to hear of A1's demise, booked our last 2 holidays (Corfu and Turkey) through them with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Sarah Orr • 1 year ago

We booked to go Benidorm but couldnt fly back due to monarch then the lady at A1 recomended Portugal when I said can we exchange our holiday ..then finds the all inc hotel is lite all inc between 1st nov and march .. we dont trust ryan air at present .. not looking forward to going on holiday 23rd nov ..can we still claim our money back even though Broadway travel has taken over ?

Gail Steve Mouat • 1 year ago

Hi , We were in Majorca last week arriving on the 19th October and were called to the reception the next day to be told A1 travel had ceased trading and asked to pay for our hotel rooms again , We have receipts can anyone advise how to go about claiming it back please.

Grant Wallis • 1 year ago

I travelled via A1 travel in August to Turkey for 10 nights, I had confirmation for my 5 star hotel however they messed up and booked me in to a 3 star hotel with a similar name just 200 yards further down the road, I called A1 travel many times while on holiday but was told that make mistakes and they apologised for the cock up and to complain when home. I did this and was told that I could only write to them and they don't take calls with complaints. After three weeks they told me that they would not compensate me and that they are sorry about the confusion and that they do make mistakes from time to time. Absulote terrible customer service throughout our holiday and post holiday so I'm not surprised they have gone out of business. I just hope all their other customers that have booked get some money back or do go on their planned holiday, good luck.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

if you didn't get the service you paid for and you have proof, i.e. a CONFIRMATION from them stating 'Hotel X 5*', then you can claim off your credit card as you were NOT provided the goods / service paid for.

peter • 1 year ago

Who the Directors Appoint who knows probably some little corner shop.
As the CAA (ATT) will be the largest creditor i would think they would put PWC into the hot seat to milk the company dry and try and uncover any shenanigans..Pity the CAA did not monitor the business more closely when it was operating to avoid such a collapse.

ATOL we know does not work if it did then you would not have so many failures in sector.

The CAA should me monitoring these businesses almost weekly and the onus needs to be put on the Directors of the Business to pre warn the CAA if they have trading difficulties as opposed to pulling the leaver at such short notice for any old excuse.

Directors of ATOL holders need to be real people in real jobs in the Business so all companies have faces who run them not a mirage of people and trading names
creating a spiders web of confusion and possible misrepresentation.

David Best • 1 year ago

Who are the Administrators in this case?

David Best • 1 year ago

Does anyone know who the administrator is in the case of A1?

peter • 1 year ago

yvonne you should be shocked this is a basic Agent who has failed it has no inventory risk
or airline cost risk and in effect is a middle man so your money should be totally safe
The issue is the ATOL system in that it is not fit for purpose and now what will happen is you will be given the run around by them to claim of your credit card or try to claim off your debit card...it will drice you mad.
This company held a ATOL for 100 000 passengers so was a size able business (Monarch held a ATOL for around 250 000)I can only assume the support by just seeing the posts in this Trade Paper indicates to me the frustration and anxiety of customers who have paid and want to re book or re claim their money is a failure by the CAA to communicate correctly - Maybe a few well placed adverts and a help line whereby you can actually talk to an adviser would help calm the thread that is building and maybe Mr Hines from the CAA should be addressing this with his army of staff who should be protecting the consumer from such a failure by monitoring the company in the first place.

Monarch going bust will have a huge impact on future bookings that is for sure but is this just an excuse to hang on why the company failed where is the CEO and other Directors of this company A1 and other brands to answer this?


its all being swept under the "Kings way CAA carpet .".So they dont lose creadability
after such a fantastic job done with Monarch...What a joke they are.

The CAA want the Air Travel Trust (ATT) in deficit it seems their mission in life is to retain APC not scrap it .. ATOL and the people managing it are clearly NOT fit for purpose and if in any other industry would be dismantled and replaced with something that is fit for purpose and is not bias or tainted and makes economical sense to Tour Operators
/Airlines but more importantly the very people they get paid to protect the consumer..
You Yvonne this company should not of failed or been allowed to fail in this way...

Complain to your local MP we need a big public push to change the current system in Travel and get rid of the CAA and replace with a non Governmental solution that will work
if we get rid of ALL the dead wood that is currently running the ATOL system


Phil • 1 year ago

Agreed fully

Baffled • 1 year ago

People are dying, scrap the NHS. Sack the doctors.

yvonne phillips • 1 year ago

I'm totally shocked with A1 Travel. I have a holiday booked to Egypt next Sept, flying with Thomas Cook. They took my money just 4 days ago. I don't know if I am still going or not. I have had no contact from A1 or anyone else to tell me what is happening. Has anyone else been informed yet?

Marian Mcpike • 1 year ago

I'm due to fly on 6th Nov to benidorm n just found out 5 mins ago I don't no what will happen I'm flying with easyjet n jet to

Karen • 1 year ago

I fly 5th Nov to lanzarote I've been in touch with broadway travel they say my holiday still stands , if I don't receive new documents I can travel on the ones I have ....

Robbedagain • 1 year ago

Hi Yvonne. I'm the same. I booked my holiday back in august to goto Tenerife in December, booked hotel, flights with easyjet, booked seats and Not a single email from A1. I had a feeling something was going, the people was nice over the phone when i was making a payment, but soon became angry when I asked them some questions after the payment. They knew something but couldnt be bothered to explain or email customers. Daylight Robbers, dirty filthy criminals.

Phil • 1 year ago

Steve Kane needs to be applauded for his intelligence and must surely be employed by
Mr Greyling as NEW head of the CAA ATOL section? iam sure Chris Photi can coach him..If you can teach Ed Balls to dance this is a walk in the park for Chris Photi..
Steve could not do a worse job that is for sure.after yet another own goal by the CAA
Steve loves customers(they pay maz and others salaries) and protection so its a job made in heaven for him.
Maybe the industry will move away from the crazy system and self regulate with the Merchant suppliers and get shot of this cost of keeping these civil servants in a job.
Its a disgrace they just never learn nor does the industry as they are scared of the CAA
they are like the mob....

Sad time in Travel 21 years working within the Industry and it never ceases to surprise me! In some ways it's looking like everything is going in reverse.Pity the Industry work's on so much credit after the Client has travelled.

steve kane • 1 year ago

I always new that the TROLLS would be about some time soon nothing better to do than call a CUSTOMER and one who pays your wages Perhaps AMAZEBALLS,PETER DREWLS & the rest should concentrate on doing what ever jobs you do in the industry better. Then maybe customers like myself would have nothing to complain about.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

I always knew
also You don't pay my wages. My customer's do. Your too old to be my customer.

Amazedballs • 1 year ago

*you're ;-)

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Mr. Steve Kane.
As a fine, upstanding Lady, I always ensure I give me clients a fantastic service and also provide the best pleasurable service in the industry. That's what earns me over £ 3500 a night

Amazedballs • 1 year ago

Can't quote for anyone else, but I'm bloody fantastic at my job, thanks. I don't have the EXTENSIVE knowledge and experience that you havetbh, but within my little skillset, I'm really good. Keep up the great work, yourself.

AIRI • 1 year ago

I have an ongoing dispute with A1, they booked us a half board holiday when we had paid for all inclusive, where do i stand?

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Stand in the corner and bang your head against the wall, then contact the Administrator and join the queue.

Amazedballs • 1 year ago

For all you guys with questions about this collapse, don't worry. A guy called Steve Kane will be along shortly with advice and WISDOM, and he knows EVERYTHING about travel and travel law.

Peter • 1 year ago

Don't you mean '' INSANE KANE IS AT IT AGAIN'' I do really believe it is a pen name of a two year old.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

ha ha ha. p33d my knickers !

Peter • 1 year ago

OK Julie you win. Send me a pic and 33p is all yours - are they clean ?

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

33p ? What do you think I am, I paid 2 quid for these Granny knickers !

Tongue in Cheek • 1 year ago

Still all quiet on the SK front. The world waits patiently.

Guest • 1 year ago
Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Maybe he's at the airport trying to check in on ZB 800 to Zimbabwe ?

Maz • 1 year ago

I've worked out how to block him. It's marvellous.

Helen • 1 year ago

If you have booked with A1 Travel and your paperwork confirms your ATOL
protected contact the CAA

Good Luck

Julie Barker- Szyczak • 1 year ago

Hi - I have just tried to ask Ryan air if my flight has been paid for and they said that my email address is not the one A1 Travel used to book so they said I cant check in because I have the wrong email address - what do I do????

dave crouch • 1 year ago

Same I spoken to them and got told we are on flight but because I don't have booking ref and email can't help hopefully the other travel company can sort it out

Lesa Jackson • 1 year ago

We booked our holiday in July this year and paid in full. Fortunately our flights are with Thomas Cook but I'm not sure if the hotel will have been sorted or paid for?. This is our honeymoon so we need to know if we need to cancel the flights as well or if we have lost the whole lot. Only found out because we were looking for a holiday for our friend and this came up by chance.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Bed banks are usually NOT paid until 1 week prior to check in, therefore more than likely your hotel has NOT been paid for. On your paperwork, it should list the Bed Bank (*HotelBeds / Jumbo / Altura / MedHotels / etc).
Contact the Bed Bank and ask them.

Peter • 1 year ago

No Julie - MOST Bed Banks are paid on departure, yup quite a risk, hence overbookings. My son who works for the biggest has 30 staff speaking 45 languages catering for the non- availability of room on check-in.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Ahhh, you mean HotelBeds. Yep would agree 45+ languages.

Louise • 1 year ago

We have booked and paid full amount for 5 days in Benidorm next March, we are flying with Ryanair. Will our holiday still go ahead, is flights and hotel paid thx

jim • 1 year ago

Hi All. We have a holiday booked for June 2018, Can anyone inform me if it will still go ahead, or if I can cancel an get refund as I paid by credit card. Thanks in advance.

Micheala • 1 year ago

What do you do when your already away and hotel insist you have to pay again when you've already paid A1 travel ? Please help

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Depends if you have ATOL protection. Check your paperwork. Does it say ALL elements ATOL protected ? If yes, your good to go. If NO, then typically the Hotel has NOT been paid.

Helen • 1 year ago

Travel guy your clueless
The company should have sufficient reserve and free assets
To satisfy the CAA Atol criteria and with years of trading they should have a lot of cash reserves
Something is very wrong about this failure that’s for sure
and yet again the CAA have failed in their capacity as industry regulator they have been too busy doing a repatriation that
In reality they should not of been involved in and slapping each other’s backs this failure is a Atol holder only
50percebt smaller then a Monarchs Atol ,
Now another huge hit on the ATT Broadway seem to be filling their boots though don’t they ?if booking were made at low yield Broadway would not be interested would they?

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

You really are living in LALA land if you think ANY travel agency has a lot of cash reserves !
Typical profit margin on a holiday is £ 80 per person. From this, you need to deduct staff costs, electric, rent, overheads, etc. So net profit is something like £ 3 per person.

Terry Smith • 1 year ago

A1 still ow me for cancelled holiday last week i can kiss that goodbye ?!!!!!