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Matt Wakefield • 1 year ago

what an awful name for a new brand. why loose the thompson identity. what marketing idiots came up with this.

Jim Mckechnie • 1 year ago

We have cruised on every Thomson ship from the Topaz to the Discovery and as the ships get larger the quality and staffing levels seem to be decreasing

Graham • 1 year ago

Topaz!....Now you're talking. We've been on 13 different ships and 21 cruises and nothing has ever bettered the total experience on board our 5 voyages on the Topaz. The food, entertainment, staff helpfulness and comfort was the best ever. Wonder if the Japanese are still using it for 'environmental' purposes?

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Carol Hall

We have had 6 cruises with Thomson! We have enjoyed everyone Why change the name? A Waste of money!! All the ships have been fine, though a couple of the ships are looking old and need replacing! But i was told by several people that the food and the shows are better than on P&O and Costa Cruises etc!!

Nick Hollands

Marella? It sounds like some kind of disorder in the digestive tract! Who on earth sits in these meetings and thinks that is a good idea. The bright side I can see is that it might make the product harder to sell direct which they seem keen on doing.


Helen has done an excellent job justifying this tosh ! The whole TUI rebrand is a complete waste of money . Is it going to result in higher margins per booking ? What problem was it fixing with the Thomson brand ? Given the abysmal performance of TUI Germany it might have made more sense to rebrand the whole of TUI Thomson !


Dreadful idea. What is the point of changing a well known and respected brand name like Thomson to Tui and then introduce a whole new name - particularly one as awful as Marella? If you are going to lose Thomson, then everything should be Tui. Another vote for Tui Cruises.

I've been on a few cruises with Princess and Royal Caribbean. Never cruised with Thomson and definitely won't be cruising with Marella.

Andrea Roberts

Have used Thomson for holidays for many years and had our first cruise with them last year. I was just adjusting to them now being called Tui and then to find this out!!!! I know it's only a name and everything else remains the same, but it is a pretty daft name. Trying to attract new customers??? If I were one I'd steer clear as a name like that, to me, speaks of a "two bit operation", which Thomson are not.

Lyn Puddefoot

Wonderful news they are going to Asia X always cruise with Thomson and will continue under the new name Marella


This is just awful

Paul Emery

Wow, that will be a marketing challenge. A balance between confusing historically loyal Thomson guests and attracting potential new clients to a totally unknown brand. Good Luck with that.

Tom Parsley

stop messing with your brand

steve kane • 1 year ago

If TUI is going to be the "Master Brand " then why has First Choice not been brought in under the "Master Brand" i think we will see the selling off of the First Choice brand to perhaps the Chinese group Hainan would be a possibility. TUI were so open about EVERYTHING being given the TUI makeover so why would they leave First Choice out on its own??