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steve kane • 1 year ago

1st it was Comet then Riley's sports bars & My Local ( from Morrison's) and now Monarch and Gray Bull have put them ALL into administration i wonder what company is next in the Gray Bull system. they sound like a bunch asset strippers to me.

Margaret patton • 1 year ago

Very very said greedy fat cats again ..and not letting staff know till the end is disgusting none of them had chance to look for another position .then easy jet offer places for 200 cabin crew etc ..but only down south .what about those poor people at Leeds bradford Manchester etc .Christmas be dismal for all these poor hard working and loyal crew they were the best ..planes were good clean staff were fantastic ..a few other airlines should take them on .and change there crews attitudes to customer relations .. so very very sad ...

Rusty Vine • 1 year ago

So very sad when we entually landed to c all monarchs planes just sitting on manchester airport its disgusting the amount of customers who fly with monarch im sad for all monarch staff they had brilliant customer service yes grey bull or anyone should be touching any money to greedy hats all im saying

SHEILA FARNELL • 1 year ago

So sad. It was the best for flights friendly staff clean planes and nearly always on time ,we will miss this airline a great deal. There customer service was fantastic. In fact Jet2. Com and Ryanair you need to employ Monarch Staff who knew how to treat there customers. Good luck to all the brilliant staff.

Devils Advocate • 1 year ago

There is a sniff of BHS and Dominic Chappell with all of this,,Who are in fact funding Grey Bull anyway?What about the Monarch Pension deficit why cant the Slot revenue go to
the hard working people who stuck with Monarch through thick and thin?
The Pension Regulator needs to review the structure of ALL of this that KPMG are cooking up and i think Frank Field MP will be about to have his second 15 minutes of fame once his finished digesting Sir Philip Greene with this scandal.

Julie drewls • 1 year ago

Greybull should have NO LEGAL RIGHT to touch the slots.
These should not be controlled by the Administrators, who should sell them to the highest (easyJet) Bidder to offset the massive hit to the CAA and UK Gvmt bringing people home.

Geoff_S • 1 year ago

It would be ironic if it turns out that insolvency was a more efficient way for the preferential creditor Greybull to extract the value of Monarch's slots, to its offshore ownership vehicle, then if Monarch had sold some of them itself?

Guest • 1 year ago
Matarredonda tony • 1 year ago

Shows how hard the real world is. Boeing will stop at nothing to dominate.